Community Life Garden

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Welcome to the Community Life Garden Website!

We are a community garden nonprofit centrally located within five miles from Reedley, Orange Cove and Dinuba, California. We are grateful to all our great volunteers that have assisted us with our garden building efforts and thankful for the awesome support from our local businesses. 

Our student volunteers from our local schools have been great! They continue to be the strength that helps expand our community garden. With their help, our community gardeners and our local food distribution centers have benefited. We invite all students, families and individuals to join us during our Open Garden Days.

Knowledge is key to successful gardening. As such, we encourage that you visit our workshops page or sign up to receive our Monthly Email Updates.  With our partners, we continue to provide enlightening gardening and wellness workshops open at no cost to gardeners of all levels.

With 2022 well underway, we continue to move forward and promote the benefits of community gardening. We will continue to provide Community Life Garden (CLG) membership, garden plot adoption opportunities, volunteer garden projects, and planned events and community projects. We hope you will join us!

Board of Directors:

Karey Olson, Board Chair,

Rosie Cabrera, Director, 

David Gonzalez, Executive Director,

Patricia Pierce, Director,

Lynne Kellogg, Director,