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About Us                                                 Quien Somos

The Community Life Garden Board of Directors believe in the value and benefits of community gardening. We continue to seek like minded individuals, neighbors and organizations that are interested in creating and using a community garden. We invite gardeners of all levels, community supporters, and volunteers to join us in our efforts.

Community Life Garden provides four programs that support our community. They include our Garden Building Program that helps create plots, structures and water systems; our Volunteer Program that organizes our Volunteer events; our Education Program that provides gardening, nutrition and wellness workshops; and our Food Giving Program that provides fresh produce to our local food distribution centers that feed the hungry.

We are developing a membership nonprofit where members can use garden plots on a seasonal basis and have opportunities to learn how best to grow a garden, cook healthy meals, and contribute the fruits of their labor to family, friends, neighbors, church and the community.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our Tax ID is 81-0719567.

Our Vision and Mission
Community Life Garden seeks to establish and maintain a position in the region as a sustainable community garden non-profit that benefits local communities by promoting healthy lifestyles, self-reliance and community giving through gardening activities and education programs, and by coordinating networking and social events that build community relationships and inspire people to help others in need.


Karey Olson, Board Chair,

Rosie Cabrera, Director, 

David Gonzalez, Executive Director,

Patricia Pierce, Director,

Lynne Kellogg, Director,