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Workshops and Events


Our CLG Board Meetings are normally held on the second Friday of the month at 9:00 AM. We normally meet at the garden. We welcome your participation. 

If you have ideas, questions or want to learn more, please Contact Us and join us at our meetings.


CLG believes that successful gardeners need to continue to learn and practice. We are pleased to continue to provide gardening and wellness education workshops that assist member gardeners and local communities grow a sustainable personal garden and learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We hope to continue to provide these workshops at no cost.

We continue to include topics such as gardening fundamentals, healthy garden growing, and gardening wellness. We also provide workshops that promote healthy cooking by sharing receipes and healthy food samples.

Our gardening education workshops are taught by Master Gardeners and local experts. We also provide information on healthy food options and healthy eating tips, sometimes with the assistance of Champions for Change presenters. Refreshments are normally provided. Please visit our Workshops Page for upcoming events.

Please visit us on our Facebook Page for pictures, latest updates and events, and pics from previous events.



Community Life Garden continues to provide informative workshops to community gardeners and the public. We will continue to initiate volunteer and social events that provide volunteers with opportunities to assist. These events focus on the benefits of community gardening, recruiting members, promoting our garden, and fundraising. We believe these events help bring people together for a common purpose that benefits them and their community.