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We continue to thank our volunteers and take many pictures. Please visit our Facebook Page for the latest updates and volunteer opportunities.


We began 2018 with a Gleaning Day Volunteers Event on February 10th. Volunteers helped pick garden oranges and vegetables. The produce was shared amoung the volunteers and the rest was donated to local food pantries.

On March 24 we held a CLG Family Gardening Day and volunteers helped build more garden plots. This included assembling the plot, filing it with compost and soil, and watering those plots where seedlings were planted.

On April 14 we had an impromptu Harvest Day event at the garden. Volunteers helped harvest the remaining produce from existing plots, put in new garden soil in some plots, and planted some seedlings.

During the summer months our volunteers helped with the watering schedule. As brutal as the summer sun is, the best time to water was during the early mornings or late afternoons.

We held another CLG Family Gardening Day on September 29th and volunteers helped create five more garden plots. Our volunteers worked tirelessly that morning and helped us reach a total of 25 garden plots!

In October, our volunteers helped support our CLG Plant Sale and Information Booth at the Reedley Fiesta on the 12th & 13th. We were pleased with the amount of plants we sold and the information we gave out.

We held our CLG Family and Volunteers Appreciation Day on October 27th. We did some light planting and had a BBQ for all our volunteers. We also presented Certiciates of Appreciation to our continuing volunteers, Board Members and supporters.


We started the year with a February Tool Drive in front of the Reedley Save Mart. Thanks to them, we were able to set up a tent on their front parking area. Volunteers from Reedley Middle College High School assisted in distributing information and collecting tools. While we distributed more information than collected tools, we had a great time! Our volunteers did a great job promoting our community gardening efforts.

In March 2017, we held our first of the year Volunteers Day where we built five garden plots, filled them all with compost, and cleared weeds around the garden plots and paths. Several areas had to be tilled with the tiller provided for the day by Dinuba Lumber. A Thank you to Save Mart that provided the food that we prepared for our volunteers for breakfast and lunch.

In April 2017 we held our first Planting Day! This was a great day to celebrate Earth Day. Among the volunteers was the Starbuck Team from Reedley that volunteered their time on a Saturday and brought the coffee! We planted a variety of tomatoes, chilies and some squash. We are excited to see what the harvest will bring!

In September we held a Gardening 101 Workshop on the 9th that provided our community gardeners and new participants with valuable planting and gardening information. On the 23rd we held a Garden Planting Day with volunteers that helped plant our Fall/Winter vegetables.

We had a great time on October 13 & 14 at our Plant Sale & Information Booth at the Reedley Fiesta. We sold small plants and gave out lots of information about our nonprofit. We were pleased to meet many new people and hang out with friends.

Our last volunteer event was held on October 28. With the help of volunteers from Teen Challenge and Reedley Middle College High School, and other great volunteers, we were able to build five more garden plots. We also did some more planting and finished installing a new shade structure.

Please check our events page for more information.


Our volunteers did double duty in October by helping to staff our Plant Sale & Information Booth on October 7 & 8 AND helping us build our garden area on October 29. A big THANK YOU to the Reedley FFA students who brought plants and a rotor tiller. Also, a big THANK YOU to the Reedley College Middle High School who brought their enthusiasum and volunteers. Alone we can do so little, but it's amazing what we can do together!


THANK YOU to all the volunteers that showed for our volunteer event! We were able to build some demonstration plots, landscape and put up our garden sign. We had a great turn out of over 35 volunteers. This included students from the Orange Cove Boys & Girls Club and the OC High School AVID students. We also had students from Reedley High School and the RHS Future Farmers of America. A special thank you to our sponsors including Dinuba Lumber, Lee's Tires, Reedley Lumber, and Zweigle Septic.


We are currently recruiting for interns. An internship with CLG can help define your purpose and educational direction. We request you be currently enrolled in a community or state college. It helps that you be interested in business administration, public administration or other entrepreneurial direction.

Here's the CLG Internship Application and Flyer for more information.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not. ~Dr. Seuss

Volunteers are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. From their board of directors to the help needed to do the administrative and manual labor, volunteers keep the nonprofit going.

The CLG Board of Directors has created a volunteer program that provides the support to staff projects and events. New members wanting a garden plot can generate volunteer hours for initial plot rental and event discounts.  Volunteers that generate these non-transferable hours can also use them on a variety of volunteer projects.

According to the Nonprofit Times, volunteerism continues to grow. Individuals over 65 and teenagers contribute the most hours to charitable organizations. These groups and others will continue to want community service options and have more opportunities to create community relationships that support community development.

Wendy Spencer, CEO of The Corporation for National and Community Service, said, "Volunteering is a core American value. Americans who volunteer enrich our community and keep our nation strong. Helping others who are in need and working together to strengthen our communities is an important American tradition that helps make our nation so resilient. Volunteering goes beyond helping people: studies have shown that the volunteers themselves benefit, whether through increased job prospects, better health or even better overall well-being."

In our search for purpose, CLG provides opportunities for volunteers to participate in community service projects. Volunteers will continue to serve as a vital source of support and will ensure the long term sustainability of the community garden.