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CLG Food Giving Program

The Community Life Garden (CLG) Food Giving program serves as a resource to local food distribution centers. The CLG Board of Directors recognizes the need to support these centers that help families with their food and nutritional needs. Some of our Community Gardeners donate their overages. We also use specific areas of our community garden to create produce to donate to local food centers. CLG Volunteer Events help build, maintain and harvest these areas.

As a result of our harvests, as of July 2019, we have donated 628 pounds of produce. We are please to share that for 2018, we donated close to 600 pounds of fruits and vegetables. Recipients were the local food distribution centers and ultimately those in need.

The CLG Food Giving Program Includes:

Contributing to the food needs of the community by growing vegetables and some fruit, that will help supplement the canned & packaged foods that are being distributed through local food distribution organizations near Community Life Garden.

We anticipate that our initial donations will be in small harvests. As we plan for larger harvests, we will seek volunteers who can assist with, and benefit from the harvest.

Providing opportunities for Volunteer groups (i.e. students, community service groups, businesses, and others), that help those in need in our community.
Opportunities include:

Adopting a plot to work on and grow produce for food distribution centers. The groups develop their own schedule with gardening education and assistance from Master Gardeners and workshops.

Helping others to access and share in the growing experience. To reach out to those who might not be able to participate without our help.

The CLG Board of Directors plans to work in a collaborative effort with the organizations that distribute food, and to plan our plantings according to the culturally desired foods of our local communities.

Each year, the CLG Board of Directors will choose the top three food centers to support. The Board has the discretion to provide multiple years support and one time support. Individual community gardeners also have the discretion to distribute their produce as they wish.

Individual and family garden plots will still be available. Volunteers will continue to be sought to assist with our garden growing efforts. Individuals, families and community groups are welcomed to adopt a garden plot.

The CLG Food Giving program will be added to our other community programs. This includes our education, volunteer and garden building programs.